With the experience gained through numerous realized Cortensteelfacades with its partners is KDB a first leader in the application, design and manufacture with weathering steel. In addition, KDB is the international supplier of an acid-free Quickroster and a specially developed system for further coating of rusty steel surfaces.

Schnitte-Kortenstahl-Kass-Fassade.pdf (182.77KB)
Schnitte-Kortenstahl-Kass-Fassade.pdf (182.77KB)


A specially developed coating system for oxidation and this weathering steel and carbon steel seals the surface and increases the wear resistance significantly. As a rust or deterioration in water pools and fountains is effectively prevented


Weather-resistant-steel develops within about 2 years due to the inherent alloying elements such as chromium, copper, nickel , silicon, and phosphate, and under the influence of basic humidity, air oxygen and sulfur a barrier layer significantly reduced after the initial high corrosionrate. The characteristic color spectrum of iridescent mediterranean reddish- brown drawings and comes with increasing age in a black violet tone. Sporadic rain showers which intensify come into contact with the surface of the contrast. This patina layer regenerates continuously when exposed to weathering and sufficient humidity . The weather-resistant steel developed a dynamic and exciting aesthetics depending on the orientation , temperature, humidity and quality that can appear uneven.


Surface damage are virtually self- healing . There is also a considerable economic advantage when looking at the total cost over the life and considering that no subsequent care arises The rust and formation of barrier layers must be unimpeded, and is made with avoidance of Watercapillary, heavy perspiration and dirt. Depending on the local situation and the atmospheric-environment and the stress corrosion, the thickness surcharges are necessary for the expected lifetime.


State- Forming allows almost all wishes to design with and without laser perforations . The supporting structure is regulated standardization technical for facade construction. Depending on the requirement and the static Corte Corte plates or cassettes on a decoupled substructure made ​​of extruded aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel or a combination of forced -free ( dilationsfrei ) as a back-ventilated curtain façade ( VHF facade ) can be visible or invisible fixed . The joints are adequately sized and all connections slidably inserted . The drainage of rain water is carried out at the Omega profile.

It recommended measures such as gutters , gravel , green, or granular strip to avoid staining by dripping water at the base of the facade. The potential gradient / metal pairings and the flow direction and the actual mass ratio between noble and less noble metals (cathode and anode) is observed. Basically on zinc , copper uncoated aluminum are located below the flow direction to be regarded as critical. Stainless steel is usually not a problem since a Oberflächenkorossion is relatively easy to eliminate by dripping water and the protective Edelstahloxidschicht renewed self.

Dimensions-Cassette: max. 3750 x 1250/1350 mm Corten steel corners | +/- joint impact | +/- welded corners

Sheets: max: 4000 x 1500 mm / with or without natural mill edge

Thickness in mm: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 to 10


2 mm Corte sheet has strengthened relatively sharp through the deep, dark grooves and are a real alternative to sharp-edged plates. By folded edges or parts approach - we use our own recipes as protection against crevice corrosion , etc. - can be any soffit depths , Attica hoods etc. simplest to realize . Also, compared to plates have the cassette with 2 mm thickness a statically acting weight advantage The system is designed so that all critical points of corrosion and noise are decoupled.


For the visible fastening We use decoupled, bare head or painted stainless steel cladding screws. The concealed fixing is carried out with rear-mounted and linear Einhängprofilen. This is to prevent Spaltkorossion at critical points a secure connection technology is used.