LIFEBRICK-Therm facade

LIFEBRICK® Therm is a heat-insulating, diffusion-open facade tile made of perlite (expanded material). It is an excellent heat accumulator and is active in building physics by removing excess building moisture. With a WD value of 0.09 W/sqmK it replaces up to 4 cm of conventional thermal insulation.   The tile is non-flammable, resistant to vermin, durable with a service life of 50 years, resistant to moisture and frost as well as not harmful to building biology. LIFEBRICK®therm has ETA approval (European Technical Assessment)!

In drywall construction, they are installed as curtain walls on wooden or aluminium support rails. This design permits forced expansion (dilation) and is therefore very well suited for renovations but also for all new buildings. Water cannot penetrate behind the façade, the wall and insulation remain dry in the long term - systems with mortar joints, however, have this risk.  The S-shaped bricks are simply placed one on top of the other during installation, thus locking themselves together as a self-supporting element and only require a screw point every third row at a distance of approx. 50 cm. The overlapping construction conceals the fastenings. The corners of the building are made of a stone ballast corner tile which offers better impact protection due to its higher strength. If, for example, high waterlogging is to be expected in the lower base area, it is possible to use an identical brick made of stone ballast in such a sub-area.

LIFEBRICK®therm façade is an aesthetic and hermetic façade which sets accents with the 8 colour tones and protects it as an armour against the most adverse weather influences. Some examples show the variety through colour structures. In principle, almost all buildings or, with the stone brick, walls can be covered and upgraded as property fencing etc. with it.

8 Colors avaible